cita abraham hicks camino de mucha menor resistencia

Existen muchas creencias que te han inculcado que son contrarias a las poderosas Leyes del Universo y duras de despojarse. Es por esta razón que te presentamos este camino de mucha menor resistencia.

– Abraham

Traducción por Patricia y Roberto, con mucha
apreciación por Abraham, Esther y Jerry Hicks.

Cita original

There are so many things that you have been taught to believe that are counter to the powerful Laws of the Universe that it is difficult for you to think your way out. And that is the reason that we present this path of much less resistance.


Excerpted from: Getting into the Vortex Guided Meditation CD and User Guide on November 01, 2010

Our Love,
Esther (and Abraham and Jerry)

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